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How do you work with Python here? Do you use Django or Flask?

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I've been here since last June and now I have completed just 4 orders and got 88$. My last buyer forgot to leave a review, but I send him a message. Also I was going to do work for buyer from Malaysia but he isn't answering.

I've been coding in Python more than 3 years, I have 20 projects in my website including 5 Flask projects excluding my site, 4 Django projects (Now I'm working on 5th one), text strategy game and 10 desktop apps.

All my cash (approximately 875$ including Fiverr cash) was earned with helping students with Python and MySQL or making desktop apps or web scraping or working with excel files.

I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't understand what.

Besides, I know there are other Python developers here. Do you make web apps/sites with Django or Flask? How do you deploy them? Do you earn money by just helping with web development? Do you use DS skills? Here, of course)

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