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First, do you have “available funds”? If yes, do you have a Paypal account associated with your Fiverr account? If yes, are you sure that the email you listed with Fiverr for your Paypal withdrawals is the account you’re checking for confirmation emails? If yes, did you check your email account’s “spam” or “junk” folder, to be sure any emails weren’t screened out by the system?

If you’re sure you are not getting the confirmation emails, you may want to change the email associated with your Paypal withdrawal on Fiverr. This involves a new security question feature, and changing the email will DISABLE withdrawal of funds for 24 hours, however it’s important to know that your account hasn’t been hacked, because the withdrawal of funds is the area that hackers focus on, in order to steal money by directing it into their own accounts, and of course they change the email address to do that. You probably should also file a report with Customer Support, even if you don’t believe your account was hacked, to see if there is something else you should do that I haven’t mentioned here.

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