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3 hours ago, rashma24 said:

Getting the first order is a fundamental issue that many newcomers experience. So making it easy for beginners to get their first order quickly on fiverr.com, I am going to share my expertise and experience that how to get first order in the very beginning.

I am a professional creative Presentation designer who has gone viral on Fiverr.com in the last month, and what I have discovered is my own personal experience. Following these steps will get the same results.

  • Send custom orders to those buyers who have posted the requests
  • Attract them with your custom order. Fill your message with the unique service you’re offering
  • It is important to convey right and inspiring message to the buyer’s request that how can you help him with his request.
  • Read the request requirement carefully and then respond

Obtaining order is not difficult, but you must be in the appropriate state of mind. Don't apply for jobs that pay less than $5. Apply to those who are willing to offer more than $5. The reason is that when you send custom offers to those who are offering more than $5 and offer that you will provide your services for this project at $5.  They will almost certainly order you.Because if he is paying more than $5 you should offer him the discount.

When I first started on fiverr.com, I was sending offers but no one was responding, so I used this strategy and sent offers to individuals who needed something for which they were willing to pay more than $5.

You could have at least credited the source. 🤦‍♂️

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