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Why all of my gigs don't show up when I search them?


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So basically I was using my friend's account to look up 3 of my gigs. Surprisingly I couldn't find all of my gigs 🥲

Is it normal for our own gigs doesn't show up? I searched them until the last page of illustration section and still couldn't find them.

Does anyone have the same/similar problem?
Thank you!

Also these are my gigs... 

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 00.23.03.png

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23 hours ago, lloydsolutions said:

I searched "anime art" in the Fiverr search bar under the New Seller filter and your gig is on the first page.

You have 15 reviews for this gig and 2 orders in the queue.


Ahh thank you so much 😭
I have been trying with my friends' accounts but still can't find them for some reason. But I'm glad you can still find them :")

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