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These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will provide niches email list for email marketing
In the gig description:
"i can" could be "I can"

It says "Scrap any social media email list" - do you mean scrape there instead of scrap? But if you're giving personal email details from social media rather than business details it's probably against the Terms of Service.

See this link https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards/prohibited-services

and the section on "Services That involve sharing personal information of third parties"

I'd change "24/7 services" since no one can work 24/7 really.

The gig doesn't show any search tags. You could add some - maybe Fiverr is just not showing them there though.

In the profile:
In the description: "Copy Past," could be "Copy Paste,"

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