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9 hours ago, mdishaqueali13 said:

i published a gig 3 months ago but i get no message from buyer. Anybody can advice me.

What steps have you taken, during the past three months, to connect to your target customers, and convince them to hire you?

Surely you've been taking actions, like any businessman would, to earn your orders, instead of waiting around for them to magically appear? Actions are required to gain orders and success. Fortune favors the bold. You're not going to find success by waiting for it to find you.

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It's happened to me too in my earlier month in joining fiverr. From my experience, as someone that doesn't have influential social media nor channel to share my work, i just wait the buyer to come, but there's a few (until now, that gig only have 3 buyer)

For me, it's also important to find the right gig that fit to the market and fit to you. My other gig that i created a few months after that have better traffic than the old one.

My suggestion is also experimenting with your gigs. Have a good luck!

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For get order fast follow this trips.

1. Try to create a unique gig.
2. Research other persons gigs of your category and take a good idea.
3. Write a perfect title
4. Do title seo
5. Write description using  keyword base.
6. Use three keyword in description in three time.
7. Bolt the important content with keyword.
8. Optimize your gig image
9. Try to use a video this is very helpful for get order.
10.Everyday send 10 buyer request
11.Everyday try to active in forum this is very effective.
12.Try to remain active 18hours.

*Remember Unique Keyword base seo description and attractive image is very important for attract
buyer in first time.

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