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Best image for gig


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Hi, I am a logo designer, translator, transcriber and business card designer. I want help from you. My logo design gig has more than 400 impressions during the first 35 days. but only have 8 clicks. I think the problem is in my gig image and buyers didn't like to it. So can you tell me what image is best for my gig from these images and watch my gig and tell me about shortcomings of my logo design gig?   

My logo design gig link -  https://www.fiverr.com/nanomillion/design-an-attractive-logo

Thank you !


Logo 1.jpg

Logo 2.jpg

Logo 3.jpg

Logo 4.jpg

Logo 5.jpg

Logo 6.jpg

Logo 7.jpg

Logo 8.jpg

Logo 9.jpg

Logo 10.jpg

Logo 11.jpg

Logo 12.jpg

Logo 14.jpg

Logo 15.jpg

Logo 16.jpg

Logo 17.jpg

Logo 18.jpg

Logo 19.jpg

Logo 20.jpg

Logo 21.jpg

Logo 22.jpg

Logo 23.jpg

Logo 24.jpg

Logo 25.jpg

Logo 26.jpg

Logo 27.jpg

Logo 28.jpg

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