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I'm new on Fiverr and would appreciate your honest opinion


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In your gig "I will up, increase your wordpress site speed optimization for page speed and gtmetrix" - the "I will up" bit could be improved in the title. You could say you'll speed up a website.

In your "I will create the best wordpress site with elementor pro in 2 days" gig the title is a bit misleading when you don't offer to create the standard and premium package websites in 2 days (and they're the ones with 5 or more pages - and a 5 page website is probably better than the 1 page website you offer in the basic package. But you say you'll create "the best ..site in 2 days").

Gig: I will clone or duplicate any website with elementor and crocoblock

Saying you'll clone/duplicate any website might make Fiverr think it could be against copyright law.

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