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24 minutes ago, tomdooley749 said:

Can I pay by credit card after I look at result

You pay before the order is delivered (before the order is created). You can see more on payment info here: https://www.fiverr.com/content/payments-terms-and-conditions

You can ask for a revision if they don't deliver what you asked for when they deliver your order.

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If it helps, you can think of it like Fiverr holding your payment in escrow. (It's not quite the same, as, should you cancel, they keep the fees. But it's a good basic understanding.) In addition to the two links that have already been shared, I'd also like to add this one: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360050216133-Paying-for-Orders-Extras-or-Custom-Offers?segment=buyer

Edit: Oh!, and if you're making a large purchase and want some more security, you can look into Milestone orders. Some sellers really like this option because it offers some security to both parties.

Lastly, check this out:

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