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How do I change my location on Fiverr?



Hello Fiverr community. Hope you are all doing well.

I have recently moved to Spain, but my Fiverr profile still displays my old location (Argentina). I have tried signing up on incognito mode, cleaning caché, signing up with my app and nothing changed. Even talked to the support team, but none of their advices is making any change.

Anyone of you had this problem before, and in that case, have found any solution?

Thanks in advice and best luck with your projects.

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13 minutes ago, shimul8693 said:

Probably it will be changed automatically but you can reach to customer support to change the previous location and set "Spain"

Thanks for your answer. CS sent some advices to make it change automatically, but they did not work so far. Apparently the support team is not able to change it themselves. 

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