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Hello! Im Keira! Check out my profile for my gig link!

I currently do character design upper body's!

I have just recently gotten comfortable with my skill level so I wanted to get it out there! Feel free to reach out to me. I do my gigs in steps so when I start off if you don't like it we can change it or if you don't like the style you can cancel but please do give me a shot I can promise I won't disappoint!

I have sold only around 3 gigs so far but all my customers are fully impressed!!!

I am also now doing a promo to get myself out there so the next 2 people to hire me will only have to pay sketch price (min $5+tax) for any gig of their choice! (sketch, colour, or shaded). 

Also if Im ever 48hrs late reply or more you will also get the cheapest pricing because that's on me!

If you have any questions ask below! 

Work example:



(also if this is the wrong place to put this lmk I'm new and not entirely sure where to post!)

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