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you can use social media accounts to promote your gig. For example use Facebook groups, twitter and Instagram On Twitter, you can tweet by using trending hashtags relevant to your skills.🤗

Try to solve the issues of other people by commenting on their post if you have a solution to their problem. Try to reply to them and help them with your ideas.

I hope this would help you by fetching more traffic on your gig.

Wish you good luck! 😘

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Hello everyone. I strongly recommend you to don't promote your gig on wrong social media groups. For ex. If you are a logo designer and you are promoting your gig on real estate business groups then you are de ranking your gig by your own hands. Because fiverr De rank your gig. If your audience is just clicking your gig and not buying your package. I highly suggest you to promote your gig on your niche group so,  someone click on your gig and buy your package

Have a good day fellas,

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