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Dear Mr. Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr


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Dear Mr. Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr.

I’m a former Marine, Business marketing and computer networking college drop out. I do this fiverr thing and on the side I’m an international private investigaor. Actually I do a lot of things, but the point is I wanted to let you know, I know what I am talking about. I have been researching about your endevours and I am one of those who will confuse you more then make it a clear mission statement. That is only because babyboomers are all still trying to figure out a ladder to climb to success when dealing with the nature of the people business online.

I’ve had a few mutual cancels. I noticed I am no longer in the 24 hour express gig section in the main catagories and I noticed when I was I was getting at least 2-3 orders more per day and now its spread thin. I’ve been dealing with some bad customers too and have gotten a few notices and I also expressed my concern in a political sense and I didn’t want to do business with someone from China and was given a warning on that too.

I stated that I refused to work with some people that didn’t place an order from me, you know the customers who message me before hand and I told them not to order from me and I would like to not do business with them because I just didn’t want to for reasons I saw that was concerning to me. I just read about this other person’s rating system being knock off the top seller to seller 1 and he was mad and left fiverr. I’m not too sure if I agree with the rating system on here and so far I’ve refused and held myself back from going to competitors websites because of success I’ve seen with fiverr and its my first home I found for online business for my dreams of becoming a working producer and actor full time.

Every company has up and downs, pros and cons, mostly is towards the best interest of the company to sustain the company. This is not a public employment service but a service of a middle man providing a distribution platform and marketed in a “hipster way”.

I’ve already started creating a whole marketing campaign around fiverr and selling how to audio ebooks on success on fiverr but if I can’t make money the way I use to on here from the start because of the way I like to do business and have my own right to refuse service, I don’t think I can offer my services here anymore as a professional. I already spent money and time on creating an audio book I include with every single gig called “Fiverr Video Secrets” which is an hour long. I’m going to copy the “I Sold it on ebay” model I bought into a while back and lost money on. I think it can work for fiverr instead of ebay.

A business model that compares to this is the local swamp meets. Event managers hold these swamp meets ever so often and buyers are left with sellers to handle all there terms, you pay rent on this and to solve some of these problems fiverr is having caught in the middle of it is to change the fee system and offer multiple choices around 3 is best because people tend to have a harder time from just 2 choices. 3 is perfect imo.

Also Mr. Fiverr CEO, you must realize that the business model here is being treated as if Fiverr are employee’s and restrictions are being imposed due to the corporate image you wish to uphold and branding establishment for customers experiences, but you are running a virtual swamp meet. Eventually it will implode on itself if the pace of changes do not keep up with your pace of growth. EVERY business has a weakness, its those businesses who adapt and charge fee’s that win a the end.

Change the rating system and instead of strict rating system enforced by database algorithms and instead of paying people that work at fiverr to spend time on these issues, just charge a fee for enforcement or actions taken on something, or move them into a secondary system with comparable marketing and distribution channels for sellers. Take the government models and learn from them like police stations, why there are different levels of actions, like fractions vs misdemeanors vs felonys and there are fee’s attached to them, people get to choose what they want to do… go to jail or pay a fee or do community service. Right now you are just locking people up within a section of fiverr and throwing away the key. Sellers are not going to like that. Also keep in mind, you want to grow and attract people like me who have had years of experience in the business offering.

If you charge a fee for misconduct and not rating, hard working sellers who feel like they are being picked at because of bad customers won’t leave and won’t mind paying the fee’s to make sure they keep on the up and up and buyers come to them, it create a very good competition between sellers and makes buyers even more happy.

I buy and sell, and I want to build an empire around fiverr just like when I bought a “I sold it on ebay” franchisee in parts of pasadena, CA USA but because of the faulty system between ebay and the i sold it on ebay it tanked BAD. I mean it was featured in Business magazines and was awesome so many people bought into the hype, I mean do you remember “I Sold It On, the easy way to sell on ebay” stores in the united states? Well I bought into that and I lost a lot of money, over 150,000 dollars, and I even, had meetings and gave advice to the former C.E.O of UPS who at the time was hired by I Sold It On ebay, about my concerns as well as Mr. and Mrs. Wetzel Pretzels who was part of the company and they invested in it to make it happen. They have a huge pretzel empire.

They were people in business, thought they knew business because of this and that, and when I told them my concerns and advice about I sold it on ebay not lasting because of the supply chain, management, franchisee restrictions… they listened to me because I was a owner of a franchiee but beyond that, they didn’t care what I had to say. They probably don’t even remember me because I probably wasn’t the only one that told them to re-mold their business model.

I’ve given advice to many large corporations, Mcdonalds, I told them to start their own TV station within the mcdonalds chains, I met the UK team and the USA marketing team and became part of their “i’m lovin it” campaign because they liked what I had to say, what I had to add to the campaigh, and they did that. I told Carls Jr. Corporation to make a breakfast hamburger. They did that.

Mr. Kuafman, if you don’t change the way the fiverr rating system is, fiverr will not be as strong as it should be come 1-3 years down the line, the more people you get on this site, the more people can talk amongst themseleves to either praise fiverr or down fiverr and where the cows go, they all move together. Competition will also eat this company up. So its a catch 22, the more popular fiverr gets, the more its volatile to failure.

Consider this a free consultation from a crazy business generation x 'er.

Best Wishes,

Your Producer Friend and Fiverr buyer and seller.

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Dear, Micha Kaufman and also Shai Wininger,

I wanted to add to my comment above, I wanted to make your company a proposal, I’m starting to build a company around your fiverr company like “I sold it on ebay” did for ebay. I’m part of the Producers Guild New Media Council and Screen Actors Guild of America.

I figured out a way to employ thousands of unemployed actors and producers through fiverr’s system and I am going to make making millions from it in a short period of time because actors and producers will be FLOCKING to my little office. I would like to sit down with one of you, for just 5 mins. Even if you give me the excuse other affluent people give me, that you are super busy, you still have to use the bathroom to take a dump, well if you even give me that time to talk to you, I will literally have a meeting with you in the bathroom while you are taking a dump. Everyone has to take a dump, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, even Jesus Christ himself had to take time from his christian missions to take a dump.

Anyways, I am willing to share my wealth with good people who listen to what is good for the community and humanity, because I do not care about wealth, I care about making a difference in business for the sake of people having a better life… let me know.


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Guest celticmoon

Too bad you felt compelled to drag your…what are we calling it…“proposal” into the toilet.

Incredibly unprofessional.

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Yes, we all know that Jesus Christ had to go to the bathroom - just like every other human.

What is unfathomable is how this could possibly be relevant to a business proposal made to Fiverr Execs…?


My feeling is that your inclusion of that one sentence alone, guarantees that NO ONE at Fiverr will seriously consider ANY part of your proposal above.


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