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As an Asian, I don’t appreciate you putting all Asians in one category. I have more than my share of problems with other cultures. It comes with the territory.

I treat everyone as an individual no matter their country, color, religion, nationality, culture or background.

Maybe I should pass judgment based on your image. You look young…maybe too immature to handle other cultures.

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I am asian as well… and I agree with steveeyes.

Besides, your username “fivercrazyguy” is not helping your case at all.

But you wanted ideas… so let’s see.

Be aware of Asian buyers
- I say, be aware of any seller with the name CRAZY in their profile

They ask too many modifications on the orders
- Did you specify anything in your Gig(s) about modifications? Normally most sane people would say something like "This gig comes with 1 modification"

- They are always unsatisfied with the output
Always? You have several gigs.. ALL of them have a 100% rating.. except for one, which has a 98% rating.. even your general profile has a 5/5 star rating. If they are unsatisfied why is your rating so high? You sound a bit crazy.

- They did not buy extras
So? I don't recall there being a section in the TOS stating that one must buy extras. That would be crazy

- Asks for the project files
What's wrong with giving someone the source? Have them pay extra for it.. That's not crazy

- After all they leave nasty NEGATIVE feedback.
I didn't see anything like that. Maybe you are giving yourself nasty negative feedback.. you know, like a crazy person might
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You probably just had a bad experience with someone who happened to be asian. No reason to condemn an entire continent, for chrissake. Grow up and get over that one bad review you may have gotten. Also, in your gigs you promise “unbelievable designs” and “stunning logos”, and then you’re surprised when someone says they expect high quality? Stop overselling and be honest with yourself and your buyers.

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One can only hope fivercrazyguy’s account has been hacked and a racist fiend is commenting under his profile.

If not, my idea is if you really want to commit professional suicide, why don’t you put your warning right into your gig description? You know, just in case your buyers miss this post. You should let them know how you really feel.

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