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Can you help me find any mistakes in my gig


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I checked your gig and there are few things that I think could be improved:

  1. You can do better on your gig title. Be more descriptive of your "artstyle". Is it modern? vintage? psychedelic? Try to look at other high-ranking gigs in your niche and pay attention to how they set up their titles.
  2. It's important to highlight why your gig is better than other gigs. I think you can add some bullet points describing your service more thoroughly in the gig description. Give the buyers reason to choose you over other gigs. What seems obvious to us might not be obvious to our target market.
  3. Elaborate further on your professional background or experience as an artist in your profile description. You might have done plenty of awesome projects out there or received awards. I think they're worth sharing. Let your personality shines through.
  4. Take the available Fiverr's test in your profile that is related to your field and try to score high. This might not be something significant but I believe it still can boost your credibility here, especially if you're a new seller. You can also add additional portfolio that is available in your Fiverr's profile. This portfolio will be showcased to potential buyers when they check out your gigs.

Your arts look so cute by the way. Good luck!

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