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Is this a possible glitch?



Hello, I am a fiverr seller and recently, a buyer contacted me about a problem of him unable to pay because the gig is "outdated." I attached a screenshot below of what he said. I already contacted customer support about the issue, but got the same old copy-paste response. Is this a genuine problem? Or is this buyer trying to scam me somehow? I have not gotten any orders for about 5 days now, and usually, I get about 1 order a day.

Capture 028942.PNG

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I've never encountered such issue nor read about "outdated gig". I don't even think that a gig could be outdated, so I think it can be a glitch. Isn't the payment section supposed to be Fiverr's system issue after all? I contacted CS yesterday because my message update was delayed and my delivery couldn't go through. I initially received a template response asking me to wait, but then after a couple of hours I received this:


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