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Never Share any Gig Link On Social Platform For Spamming Purpose, Like Increase For Click/And View, 

That will be down your gig rank position, cause no one place an order your gig, just come and disappear, 

If you want to proper marketing, then create a YouTube channel, and share your skill, and if someone need that service, you can share your gig link, 

That is the best way to getting an order, 

another way is Facebook group they have lots of public group and people, they need a true help, so share your opinion, and if they want to hire you, share your gig link, that is not spamming, you want to help some peoples, they need help, 

and fiverr also support that.


and the last think is, if you try to spamming, after few days later you getting a warning and restricted your profile, 

so follow the fiverr terms and conditions

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Depends on what do you mean by “social media marketing”. If you are planning to spam your gig link in comments, groups etc then NONE of the social platforms support it. 
If you want to do proper marketing, growing your audience, create a content to attract them and do that on your own pages then you can do that on any platform. 

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