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WITHDRAWAL PayPal Button disabled (dark grey)


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I want to WITHDRAWAL my funds by Paypal.

But the paypal button is always disabled (it’s a dark grey button) and I can’t do that.

All my oders are completed and cleaned.

I contacted the support and this is what they says:

“Some buyers do not place their review as they expect from you to follow up with them and help. Please review all your messages in order to find unsatisfied buyers and make sure you help them.

Then get back to us after 30 days so that we can assist you further.”

"Unfortunately, we don’t have a phone support. Also, we cannot share the username of the user who complained because of Privacy reasons. You’ll need to contact us after 30 days so that we can assist you further.

In the meantime, please continue doing your best and try to satisfy all your buyers."

I was disappointed… I don’t know what I can do 😦

I need my money 😦


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Have you been able to identify a buyer who has filed a complaint? It sounds like a buyer is trying to do a chargeback on their Paypal purchase from you, but I didn’t realize that situation could prevent ALL withdrawals from going through. Certainly, try working with the buyer, as suggested by CS. It seems ridiculous that they can’t tell you who the disgruntled buyer is, though.

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