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gig edit problem?


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6 minutes ago, sohag0101 said:

how many times can i edited my gig, and  what will be the problem?

Technically, you can edit your gig as many times as you want. But, each edit can have an impact on your clicks/impressions. So its advised to only change your gig when necessary.

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3 hours ago, sohag0101 said:

my gig always down position

please check my gig and how to solve it.


I think it has more to do with your SEO and other gig-related stuff rather than just because you edited the gig. Editing your gig does impact the gig's availability for a moment, but not drastically to the point where it'll drag down your gig ranking to the unimaginable. My suggestion, try to do some research and compare your gig to high-ranking gigs, so you'll be able to see what your gig lacks. Chances are your gig title and tags aren't good enough to get your gig exposure in the first place.

Other words of advice, offering unlimited revisions does attract buyers sometimes, but more often than not it attracts the type of buyers you don't wanna deal with in the long run. Have you ever thought that offering unlimited revisions might also give a bad impression especially to experienced buyers? They might question your capability to deliver high quality design the first time that you need to offer unlimited revision to make it up.

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It might remove your gig from the search index for a while each time you edit your gig. So it's probably best not to edit it too often. In theory you can edit your gig as often as you want (though if you edited it thousands of times Fiverr might check what was going on).

Here's some suggestions for the gig:

Gig: I will do social media instagram facebook posts design
It probably doesn't help that your main gig image says "berger" instead of "burger".
Your 2nd gig image says "Top Seller" and "order here". Fiverr might think that's claiming to be a Top Rated Seller - so it might be better to remove that.

In the gig description:
"WHY CHOSE ME" could be "Why choose me"
"templet story" could be "template story"
Maybe change "or nay social media platforms"

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change "Please assist me you" in answer 1.
"i will" could be "I will" in answer 3.
"it's not often thant a client" could be "It's not often that a client" in answer 3.
"i offer" could be "I offer" in answer 3.
Maybe change "cratin," in answer 4.

In the profile:
In the description: "Hi ,I am" could be "Hi, I am"

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