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If I have an average rating of 5+ stars (out of 83 completed orders) how badly will one 3-star and one 4-star rating effect me?



Hi there. I'm Twister. I've been enjoying my selling experience as a voiceover artist, and I have been on the site for over two years. 

I, in no way, shape, or form, want to sound ignorant -- however, when I get a 3-star review with no context, it surprises me. I strive for perfection. I don't have a God complex, nor' do I believe my work is superior over a lot of Fiverr sellers. But, I keep my communication skills, delivery, and actual work in a professional realm.

Alongside my experience as a seller, I have also made countless purchases from other sellers, and every time, I always make sure to leave five star reviews. It's crucial to working up the ranks as a seller -- (level one, level two, top rated, etc.) 

Why leave a sub-par review in the first place unless there is a genuine problem with the work you receive? Not only that, but when someone leaves said review and provides absolutely zero context into why it was not a 5-star rating, it gets frustrating. How is the seller ever supposed to work on what the buyer didn't like if they never say what it was in the first place? The only logic I can come up with is that the buyer is not familiar with the rating system, and believes that 3+ stars is the ''perfect'' review. I do apologize if this sounds negligent, and I do not want to sound picky because a 3+ star review is still a good review in retrospect, but my curiosity is getting the best of me.

Alongside this, how badly will a 3 star review combined with another review of 4 stars subtract from my average of 5+ star ratings (out of 83 total completed orders?) I am close to level two status, and I do not want this review to bump my 5-star record down to a 4.9 or below, even if it isn't the end of the world. 


Thank you for taking the time to read and stay safe out there.




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Sometimes buyers are unaware of how significantly the rating system affects sellers; this one probably thought the delivery was 'okay, but nothing to write home about', didn't feel like explaining his rating.

Yes, it's frustrating but nothing much you can do. Your average is still (81*5 + 4 + 3) / 83 = 4,96, which should keep you well above the required 4,7* rating you need to jump up a level. It may not look as pretty as a perfect 5*, but almost all sellers with 50+ order sit at a 4.9* overall rating. It's unavoidable.


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Considering how significant review is on Fiverr, I think you and any seller has the right to feel upset about it. Let's be honest that 3-star review is not perceived as "good" in Fiverr and I totally understand your frustration. As long as the big portion of your review is 5-stars, I think a couple of four and one three stars won't hurt your gig or statistic that badly. As explained by @cc_animationthat your overall rating is still 4.9, so you're good.

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