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New Seller on Fiverr for advice


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Hi there,

I hope you are well. I am a new seller on Fiverr. 

I actually published a gig on a recent Instagram promotion but haven't received any orders yet. I get a lot of impressions on my gig but the clicks are much less.

So now if you have the right advice on how to get an order quickly, please tell.

I will do instagram promotion and marketing for fast organic growth

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Welcome aboard. Getting orders at Fiverr requires effectiveness. Once you are reading requirements, do not rush it. Try to understand requirements, Once you are writing an offer try to explain your approach towards the problem as well as solution. Try to ask questions for clear understanding. Stay persistent and stay patient. Good Luck. 

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Do not post, offer, or ask for services that infringe third parties’ terms of service. 

Misleading Services

Do not post, offer, or ask for:

Fake engagement and traffic

Followers, traffic, visitors, fans, views on social media platforms, or any other fake engagement on any platform.

Services that promise outcomes that are not in your control 

In certain instances, sellers may be tempted to promise outcomes of their service which is not in their control. For example, guaranteeing to restore your Amazon account or promising an exact amount of viewers for a Youtube video by its digital promotion. Please refrain from promising outcomes that are not in your control because it misleads buyers. 

The above is from the Community Standards under Prohibited Services.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.


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