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What is the reason holding off my gig promotion feature?



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1 hour ago, mariashtelle1 said:

And that’s why I mentioned that there are also a lot of hidden statistics and hidden reviews that clients can write and they might be different from your public reviews. 

Thanks for your valuable information. Will I get back the opportunity to use this feature again?

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2 hours ago, x_no_1_designer said:

I don't recieved any order... Why

Do I look like a fortune teller that can read minds of your buyers just by looking at your fiverr nickname? 😉 

You might get order or you might never get orders, it all depends on how strong is your portfolio and if customers are interested in buying from you 🤷‍♀️ Simple as that. If no one is buying your gig then they are not interested in your offer. 

Edit: I did have a quick look at your profile and now aim not surprised that no one is buying from you. You have a stock photo as your profile image which is identity misrepresentation and your logo gig is below average. From cover of the gig wouldn’t even catch my attention, loads of text and no examples of your work, then with the third picture we finally get to the example and it’s a disappointment, just another logo using stock elements that thousands of other logos have. 
Your gigs are not standing out, the offer is average, quality is average, there are thousands of other gigs like yours. So why buyers will want to buy exactly from you? 

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10 hours ago, x_no_1_designer said:

I don't recieved any order... Why?

Because your gig images break all of Fiverr's suggestions for what a good gig image is. Buyers will not click on your gig images because they are so unappealing. Read this article and follow its advice!


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