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You could show them an example of your writing so they know roughly the sort of thing they'll get (as long as it's not work done for someone else where someone else owns the rights and hasn't given permission to share it). Or if you have a relevant example on your gig's .pdf section you could suggest they view that.

But I'd also check your gigs are okay with Fiverr's rules:


So I'd make sure you're not writing (or offering to write) any academic work for someone (ie. that they're supposed to do themselves).

But if it's within Fiverr rules you could say you'll write the article according to their requirements with x words (or at least x words) in a similar style to [your sample document you attach] maybe. Maybe they're talking about whether academic work is acceptable and you could say you can't deliver that (eg. you could give the link above showing what's okay and what's not).

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