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How does the Security Question Work


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So I woke up this morning and there was a green button asking me to set my Security Question for withdrawing funds to my pay pal account. So I set it (or at least I think I did).

About an hour later, I withdrew some funds from Fiverr to my pay pal account, but at no time was I asked to type in my security question.

I was wondering how does it work? When you withdraw your funds, when do they ask you to type in your security question?


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I read that it doesn’t require a security code when making a withdraw. Although, that wasn’t officially from a Fiverr admin.

It was from another Fiverr seller in this thread (tutung):


That post is about the 19th down. She says you just have to put in the security question if you want to change the Paypal associated with your account.

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