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I delivered an order 18 min late and after 2 hours buyer wants revision. Does my order compilation rate consider 18 min or 2 hours 18min ?



So, I delivered an order 18 minutes late. Had some technical issues. And after 2 hours, client wanted revision. I just wanted to know, that if the order compilation rate will consider my order 18 minutes late, cuz that's when i first delivered the order, or 2 hours and until the order is marked completed ?

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If you weren't notified that you were late before the first delivery, you will be fine (the order is considered late with a tiny delay after the original delivery time). 

When your buyer asks for a revision, it doesn't affect your stats. 


Note: Even though the order timer keeps ticking down after the order is marked as "rejected", the seller is not timed on delivering the revisions.   The on-time delivery statistic only measures the first delivery made on the order. 


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