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The requirements field on my gig order is useless

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Like the subject says, the requirements field is useless on my gig orders.
On my poster design gig at the top it says 'let me know what size poster you want' - but they never answer this question. Fiverr marks the order as requirements met and the clock starts ticking with no way for me to press a button that says 'actually, requirements are not met'

Every order I get, every single poster order - they NEVER tell me what size it needs to be. The most important bit of information and they never tell me.

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Did you mark that requirement as a mandatory on your gig? 
Of you ticked a box for mandatory then they can’t just skip that question and wouldn’t be able to proceed without filling that field. 
you can also add another requirement question that they have to answer only “yes” with a wording like “I confirm that I provided the size/dimensions details for my poster and I understand that my order will be cancelled if no sizing is provided”. 

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On 2/15/2022 at 5:54 AM, beepea_design said:

yeah I've got it as mandatory, but it's bundled with another question so I'll add it as it's own - might help, thanks 🙂

I'm betting that would solve the issue entirely right there. Okay maybe not entirely 😛 but I'm sure it will help.

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