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Fiverr Customer Support is Awesome!


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Hey Fiverr Community!

Just wanted to share with you my wonderful experience with the Fiverr customer support. My account had been disabled for exactly a year because I didn't have an ID to verify it with. When I now possess a National ID, I contacted them and ask them if I could get back my account to verify it  since I now have the ID. They then lifted some restrictions for me to do so. 

However, there was a problem. Even though it was stated that a National ID is accepted, I didn't see an option for me to select it. There were only Drivers License and Passport being  displayed. So I reached out to the support team again, and I was told to select either of the options available. They continued and said if it fails (which it did) I should reach back to them through email and they will fix it (which they did).

So here I am, back once again on this great platform. I commend Fiverr Support for their people skills, mannerisms and quick workability. If you guys have any issues, just contact the team and they'll do their best to put the support in their name.



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