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I got a message in my email from someone on fiverr, but it's not on the site??


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As the title says, I got a message from someone on Fiverr directly to my email but the message shows up no where on my account. The message also wants me to go to an external google drive link and talks about some other website with unrelated work to Fiverr from what I can tell. How do I handle this situation? Why do I not see the message under my fiverr messages? o_O

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1 hour ago, cs_evans said:

You mean you got an email to your Gmail (or whatever) from what looks like a Fiverr account?  If so, it is spam.  Doesn't really matter your answer to the first part, any unexpected email with external links, avoid like the plague. 


25 minutes ago, aarontgladiator said:

Same thing happened with me. Sometimes, people promoting their own freelancing websites contact Fiverr sellers in hopes they join their website, but most of times, it's new and will scam you. I wouldn't click the email any further.




Hmm. I did eventually find the messages but Fiverr had already marked them as spam. I didn't have any plans to look at the external links though. I'm pretty paranoid LOL


Thanks for the help ❤️

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