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A little bit about food!


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Rabo de toro

Every single part of the animals is eaten in Spain... that means the tails too. Bull’s tail stew is a popular dish in Andalusia, particularly in Córdoba, where it is said to have originated. You can find it in other regions too, though, typically in restaurants close to bullrings. The bull’s tail is braised and then cooked with ingredients such as onions, peppers, tomatoes, red wine, garlic, and other herbs and spices.




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1 hour ago, annidfgw said:

Tell us about the strange or most popular dishes of your country! Maybe I'll even cook some of them and share them with you!🥘

Here in Italy one of the special things that we do, thanks to what the earth offers, are tagliatelle or lasagna with nettles and meat sauce or, or better the puff pastry with wild herbs! 😍🍽️

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Ok, I’m not going to talk about Russian food 😉we all know the herring situation and holodetz 

but from the weird but tasty foods:

1. Mexican Mole 

it’s a sauce for meat made with chocolate 🍫 sounds weird but you can’t really taste the chocolate, it’s kind of smoky 

2. Pozole soup 

It used to be made with human flesh in old times for rituals, of course nowadays it’s just normal meat but from those times what’s left is that they use big white corn that looks like teeth 😉 and then you top it up with onions, parsley, lime juice etc 

3. Menudo 

it’s a soup made from a cow’s stomach 

4. Kaya toast and Kopi

Traditional Singaporean breakfast with jam toast and two runny eggs (with dark sauce and pepper.  Keep your hands away, No salt!) and Kopi is a coffee but made with a sock! 
5. Century egg 

eggs preserved in a clay mixture for months together until the yolk turns black. 
This one I still didn’t dare to try 😬 








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12 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

This one I still didn’t dare to try 😬 

Century eggs are awesome! I love having them in my rice congee with pork floss and tofu sometimes (and a bit of soy sauce)!

I actually haven't had any of the other dishes you listed (had cow stomach / tripe /etc. in other ways though. 

Hungary has its fair share of odd foods as well - we also try to use most parts of the animal including chicken / pig feet (pig feet stew is lovely, especially the sauce.), blood, sometimes even brains. 

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