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Zoom Communications with the Buyer's team?



HI,  I am neither a Buyer or Seller and recently joined Fiverr only to help out a Buyer who trying to find Sellers that an create a piece of software. The Buyer is not a technical person and I am part of the the Buyer's development team  - I have no need to use Fiverr in any capacity other than to provide consulting on which Sellers can possibly create the software.

The software product we require has complex set of specifications which change the agile development environment we operate. The spec may change as a result of actions the Seller undertakes - the approaches the Seller employs as the product is developed. 

As such, we on the development team will need regular detailed an intimate communications with the Seller.   Fiverr's limited communication options are debilitating in this kind of environment and I think promote the potential for failure.

So here are the questions: 
I see that the Seller can initiate a Zoom call with the Buyer.   Can the seller invite several people in on those calls?
Can the Seller initiate calls with, for example, me as the technical lead person on the Buyer's project?

Thank you for your insights.

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