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After completing my first order my gigs' impression is decreasing time after time & getting no more knock from the buyers!!!



I got my first order within a week of creating my Fiverr account. I completed the order properly but the buyer requested for a revision. Then I told the buyer that there was nothing to request a revision for this this order. I think that he understood the matter as he told me to deliver the revision and he will accept the order. Then I do that and he accepted the order. But the matter of sorrow that he left me without any review. And, after this occurrence my gigs' impression is decreasing time after time. 


1) What may be the reason of decreasing impression?

2) What can I do for better gig impression? 

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Pretty high possibility she/he completed the private survey the buyer gets after a gig is completed, and didn't give you the best of feedback. 

This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Read the good advice on the forums; if you spend enough time here you will figure out who the wise people are (not me).  Ignore the worthless advice so prevalent on here of stay online 24x7 and market on social media - there is a lot more to it than that. 

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