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I am Providing a much better service then other sellers but em not getting much orders


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I Don’t Know why but i am not getting much orders but em providing the best service among all the sellers of retweets on twitter … m giving my services within 24hr only and also having 100% satisfaction from my buyers … please suggest how can i get more orders …

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I looked over your gig, and to me It seems kind of cluttered. Far too many stars and check marks and I think people may be seeing it as spam. I’m sure you supply a legit gig.

Also the grammar. Don’t use U instead of you. Also why is every first letter capitalized? There’s no need for that. There are some misspelled words in it as well.

Oh and I know you’re trying to get sales, but don’t advertise it as the best service when you don’t have a lot of reviews. Now I understand you may have done this for other sites and made money through it elsewhere, but I don’t agree with this tactic. Do you have proof that your gig is the best for re-tweets?

At least that’s how I feel. Once you have a nice amount of reviews, than you can call it one of the best around, but until then I’d take it out. I had well over 100 reviews for forum posting before I decided to call it one of the best forum posting gigs around. I did this of course after searching for other similar gigs and when I found none that were not nearly as close review wise to mine, then I felt comfortable saying it.

But seriously, rework the description. And I’m sure you do a great job with your gig and maybe you do have the best gig for it. By your reviews you do a great job, but you need to work your way up there because I’m pretty sure there’s other twitter gigs that do re-tweets with far more reviews than you.

Once you fix the problems I pointed out, you can try these:

Use social networking, you obviously use twitter a lot, so do you advertise your gig on there? Use facebook, make a facebook page for your gig. Create a site if possible showcasing your gig. Make an intro video with you in it explaining your gig to everyone. This creates more of a connection with the buyers. I see your video doesn’t explain much. I created a video introduction to my gig of myself explaining what I do and it seemed to help out some.

Anyways I hope this helps you some. Have a good one!

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