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I have published a gig with my best effort. But the gig is not getting enough impression. This happened with my previous gig also after few days they ranked and I started to get orders. If I sit tight and have some patience will it help? Or I need to make some changes on the gigs. I heard one thing that editing on the gig is not a good practice. Please suggest me some ways.


Thank you.

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How To Increase Impressions On Fiverr: 

1.Make Multiple Gigs

2.Diversity is Key to Fiverr Impression

3.Use Targeted Keywords

4.Buyer Requests

5.Stay OnlineMaximum

6.Share Your Profile social media 

7.Cross-Promotion Of Your Gigs

8.Never Copy Paste Gigs

9. Avoid Fiverr Mistakes,Upload a Video,Update Profile, Fiverr SEO to Increase Impressions,Response Time

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