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Penalized for Giving Up Express Status?


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I have a question about this, and it’s not an accusation, I’m just curious.

Yesterday I was forced to give up my Express Status and increase my delivery time as I was having issues with multiple buyers purchasing multiple orders on my article writing gig (one client alone bought 7 gigs all at once on the same day his partner bought 6 which put me at 22 gigs for one day and admittedly I panicked); I’m not lazy but I do have a family, including three kids, and therefore if I’m going to balance serving my customers as well as possible (and therefore representing Fiverr properly) with raising my children right and keeping my husband happy, I can’t be writing more than 16 articles a day.

I’ve found myself to be extremely busy since starting on Fiverr and I’m so grateful for that, it was with a very heavy heart that I gave up my Express Status.

My question is this:

Since I gave up Express Status, I’m no longer appearing in the search results as far as I can see; would Fiverr penalize me for giving up this status or is it just an adjustment period?

I have to say so far I’ve been very happy with the Fiverr platform, including customer service, so this is in no way a gripe, I’m just looking for a little guidance from those who may have been there!

I should also mention that once I get caught up I’m planning to decrease my lead time to two days, which should be manageable so any thoughts on this are also welcome!

Thanks so much!

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