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How can I improve my new GIG?

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For improve your new gig you can follow this trips:

1. Try to create a unique gig.

2. Research other persons gigs of your category and take a good idea.

3. Write a perfect title

4. Do title seo

5. Write description using  keyword base.

6. Use three keyword in description in three time.

7. Bolt the important content with keyword.

8. Optimize your gig image

9. Create a attractive image that  attract buyer at first time.

10. Try to use a video this is very helpful for get order.


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You could increase the amount of text in the gig description. You've only written a few lines and some of those are shortened links. If you look at the top gigs in that subcategory they seem to have more of a description.

Also you should remove the shortened links. Any URL you use should be in Fiverr's list of allowed URLs.

You could change "bussines!" in the premium package description.

Also your title says "I will create customs posts or..." - but all your packages are about images. If you're write posts too (not only create images) it could say something about that in the packages.

Also the title saying "I will create customs posts..." - isn't correct if you mean you'll create custom posts.

Also in your "awesome youtube thumbnail" gig the standard package says "Grate for you!" - you could change that.

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