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Images and files are not attached either in messages with the buyer or when the order is delivered. I tried to attach it in the browser through a computer and phone, as well as through a mobile application, there is an error everywhere.  Please help me


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13 hours ago, patrikseastar said:

Same problem! I cant attach images. Its not uploading, it just stuck...

Someone help


9 hours ago, salman0072 said:

I also had the same problem in my phone. I can't download images, But my browser is working perfectly

I found a solution to the problem, this is due to the Internet providers that I use, connecting to another provider, everything turned out to be loaded.  This information was confirmed in the support service.  I hope this helps you

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Hey! I have the same problem for about a week long. It's just like on and off but most of time I can't upload any files including files for orders delivery. I'm from Russia. Do peaople from other coutries face this problem?

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Hope this helps someone.
I'm from Russia and I had the same problem. I tried to change the browser, and clear the cache, and go incognito. However, on other websites, images loaded stably. People also recommended to use VPN. But as I understand, this shouldn't be use, since Fiverr doesn't approve of this and can banned you.

My problem was that I work from a computer, but I connect to the Internet thanks to my phone
. Everything worked well only when I changed which SIM card the Internet came from. (In the case of Russia, these are "Tele2" and "Sbermobile").
But the problem remains
. I can't download images from the internet with the same SIM card that I use all the time. And I have to change them just to upload an image

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