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How to response client first message ?


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I am facing this issue these days I am not getting order for last 3 weeks I am sending byers requests every day some clients approach me in inbox conversation I talk with them but they do not place order. Kindly please I need tips how to convince Clint what should be my first reply to client message? I need effective tips.

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There is no one right answer.  You have 11 5-star reviews, so you must have been doing something right.  What kind of responses are you giving?  Has something changed recently?

Generally speaking, the first thing I do when I get a message from a potential new customer, I check to see if it is someone contacting me organically, or someone I have sent an offer to via the buyers request.  If it is an organic contact, I simple say, "Hi.  How can I help you?"  If it is someone responding about the buyers request, how I respond depends on what they said.  If they made some kind of generic comment, then I will say something like "Good day.  I was very interested in the project you posted in the buyers request section, can you tell me more about it, please?"  If they begin by asking questions, then of course I answer those. 

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That's correct that there's no right answer to this, but I feel it's important not to just chat unless it's very targeted discussion based around the product and your offer.

Would-be buyers do not come for a nice chat. They appear businesslike, keen to discuss products and to place an order.

If you are generating 'chats' but people are not ordering, maybe your product details and/or messages to them are scant (insufficient detail, thus generating queries) or are confusing. Perhaps you are not investing enough time in personalising your responses to their projects, leaving things unclear. They may be approaching you because you have good reviews and seem alluring--yet you seem to leave too many things unanswered or vague.

Perhaps spend more time defining your products, fleshing out your personalised messages to each buyer in the BRs, (no copy and paste!) and ensuring you have maximised the use of the 'Frequently Asked Questions' in your listed gigs. You can answer most issues before anyone even asks, simply by having an extensive and detailed FAQ section. (Even if people come via Buyer Requests, they are going to take a good look at your profile and products. If you have detailed FAQs for allied services, some of these will answer many client queries).

Whatever you do, use time wisely.

Don't even worry about trying to 'persuade' or convince anyone--they either want your services or they don't. The most persuasive thing may be to not try and persuade anyone! A seller who is confident in his or her expertise and costing, and who is never pushy or desperate, will often win the deal. They may also be the most expensive!

So, it may be way more productive to redraft and redevelop your gigs so you get organic requests for costings, than to hammer away at Buyer Requests that generate many messages and few orders, each of low value. Think what hourly rate this leaves you with if, say, you win a job of $10 after four hours of messaging--and you still need to do the job! 

You can get to the top without even looking at Buyer Requests--many do! 🙂



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