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zeeshanakram2Yesterday at 23:13

I recently received an order from a buyer for AdSense ads placement and optimization for 2 websites because he was not generating enough revenue from google ads on his website.

I told him that it can take a minimum of 7-10 before the actual results start to show up.

We agreed on a total of $65 which was for 2 websites ads optimization. But the buyer wanted to pay only $30 at the beginning and $35 at the end. I agreed on it because I trusted him and also I was confident that my work would improve his overall statistics so he would pay me.

I worked for a total of 4 days on both of his websites. Then I delivered the job with all the details and attachments as proof.

By the time I was finished with his job, there was a prominent improvement in his overall statistics on both of the websites even though it take a few days for the results.

As soon as I delivered the job, the buyer did something very unexpected. He rejected the delivery and said that I don't like the statistics even though he is supposed to wait for at least 7-10 days which I made him aware of and he agreed on. He did not even wait for a few hours. I asked him what does he wants me to do further because the order was in revision. The buyer did not respond to me even though he was online for a whole day. He removed my access from all of his accounts and undid all the changes which I did.

He saw all the work I did and then undid it.

Now instead of paying me the remaining $35 amount, He's asking me to even cancel this order. He has seen all my work and he can do it later on very easily because he knows what changes I made.

I am very disappointed and don't know what to do.

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Well, from my experience. I had a buyer who had received the desired work and asked me to cancel the order. 


The only thing worked for me: I asked buyer politely to not to do this. I told the buyer that i didn't sleep for 2 nights and i have been working on your order. I told the buyer that i put all of my efforts. 


The buyer not only accepted my order , he also  gave me tip  and left five star rating.


I would suggest you to have discussion with the buyer and tell him how much effort you put into this order. I hope this will work. 

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