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How can i get my first order?


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  1. Study all of the material Fiverr makes available free on this site, TOS, information guides, free videos, etc.
  2. Do your own research in the forums.  Your question has literally been asked thousands of times.
  3. Since you are an expert in YouTube promotion, that sounds like a great place to start. 
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There are a lot of things which you should consider to get your first order and on of the most important weapon in all that is a buyer request.
You should try your best to send all 10 request per day (you can't send more than 10). Your response to a buyer request should be professional cover all the below steps. I hope this will work for you as it works for thousand people. It's one of the best and amazing freelance bidding formula by Hisham Sarwar. 

1– Greetings——————
2– Restating Employer Project———————
3– Introduce yourself———————
4– What can ‘I’ do for the employer?———————-
5– Portfolio——————-
6– Free Mockup/Question——————-
7– Bid Closing——————

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