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Is offering website hosting banned on Fiverr?



I tried to list a gig today for website hosting, but this got denied for a TOS violation. I actually read the rules in depth before joining last month. 

I searched Fiverr and some other sellers are offering this... (and I mean without other services like web design)

I therefore assumed the reason was basic keywords where in the Q&A I said adult websites aren't permitted... so I started from scratch as I wasn't allowed to revise the existing gig, making sure not to mention words it might assume was against the TOS... so I submitted the new gig, but exactly the same result. 

Unfortunately it didn't go into the "Pending Approval" or "Requires Modification" queue, and there is no appeal system, just both gone into "Denied". 

Is web hosting as a service banned on Fiverr? If so, is it a recent change, as others seem to be offering this but I can't.

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