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What should I do to get my gig in rank once again?


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So, Covid 19 hit my family very hard in Q4, last year. I failed to be active on fiverr, numerous orders got cancelled, I replied messages very late. In short, it was a complete mess in my account.

But since January, 2022 I have been very active, messaged some of my old clients and got 5 orders, completed them successfully within given deadline. But my gig is nearly dead in terms of impressions, clicks. Fiverr algorithm is not promoting my gig higher in their search engine.

After completing all these orders, I am still getting 7-10 impressions per day, only 400 impressions, 2 clicks in last 30 days. I have tried to optimize my gig title, keywords, descriptions, images etc. but still the gig stats are very flat.

Life has been very hard for me already and seems like my fiverr profile is dead and fiverr is not going to help me any longer.

What should I do to get my account, my gigs back on track. I have completed over 1000 orders successfully, have 700+  reviews, I can't afford to lose this account at this moment.

I am requesting help from my fellow brothers and sisters.


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I'm sorry to hear about that and I hope you start getting clients again. 

I have a similar problem. I became inactive due to real life issues 2 years ago, some orders got cancelled with äutomatic negative reviews that demoted my star rating to 4.9 overall which is great for buyers requests - and now no matter what I do - my gigs  seem to be dead. 

However, what I plan on doing and suggest you to do

Advertise your gigs on social media platforms, like facebook, linked in etc, and try to get people with a number of followers on insta and twitter (for example) to promote your services

Edit your gigs and make them compliant to the most recent fiverr updates. There are many new sub categories and other gig details added.

Once you start getting orders again, your gigs should get ranked.

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