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Responding to buyer requests

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On 2/1/2022 at 9:33 AM, bigbeardvo said:

Hi everyone.

I think the buyer request section is a pretty valuable tool, especially for those like myself looking to build their reputation. I know it gets a bad rep around here, but good intentioned buyers do submit requests, and all thoughtful offers should always be considered.

I recently finished a project for a client using this feature, and she mentioned that out of the 50+ responses she received, I was the only person that responded to her individual needs. I've heard this several times before, and it made me feel like I should share an example.

I use this general format to submit offers. I'm not a marketing professional, but this works well for me (consider your source and take my advice with a grain of salt). 

  1. Write a quick and friendly introduction. I like to include my name and a short summary of what I do. I also include a professional qualification and let them know that I'd be happy to help them. I do this in no more than two or three sentences. Example: Hi there. My name is bigbeardvo, and I'm a professional podcast editor with over 20 years of audio editing experience. I've reviewed your brief and would love an opportunity to help with your podcast. 
  2. Create a response that addresses each of the buyers needs. Treating them as an individual is very important. The buyer wants to know that you fully understand their request, and that you're able to do the work. Outline your scope of work, keep a conversational tone, and set clear expectations. Include all necessary details, but don't overload them with information. Example: I'd be happy to work in an editorial capacity. I'll remove um's, ah's, and arrange the content in a way that will engage your listeners.
  3. After you outline your scope of work, take a moment and set a firm service-level commitment. Example: In addition to the basic services I provide, you can expect timely communication, and top-tier reliability.
  4. Conclude your offer with a friendly invitation or a strong call to action. Example: "Can/Shall we begin on a trial basis? Kind regards, bigbeardvo"

A personalized offer will greatly improve the chances of a buyer contacting you, which in turn will improve your bottom line (and the buyers overall experience with Fiverr).

Be friendly, be knowledgeable, speak directly to their needs, and offer solutions. If you do that, you'll have no trouble earning their trust (and repeat business). Remember that you're selling yourself and your image before everything else.


All my best. 


Good to know about your experience and adding value on the platform. I never understand the concept of sending buyer request without reading the requirements, I mean how even someone can pitch himself to someone without knowing what they need? It's like you're selling eggs to a person who's looking for bread. 

After entering the buyer request section and READING THE POST carefully, answering the exact need is the first thing that should be done. 

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