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Repeat buyer score to be based upon a buyer repeat buying from the same seller, regardless of category.

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I was told by my SSM that repeat buyer score is based on the same buyer buying another gig from the same seller in the same category as their previous purchase.

I don't think repeat buyer score should be limited by category but should instead just be based on the same buyer coming back to the same seller, regardless of gig or gig category.

For example, I have buyers coming to me for career advice in the life coaching category, they then purchase a LinkedIn rewrite/optimization gig from me (a different category), followed by a purchase for interview coaching which is again in a different category. 

In this example I have successfully up sold and retained that buyer a further two times after the original purchase but it doesn't count as a repeat buyer in any way.

I could make an offer and do the LinkedIn and interview coaching under the career advice gig, but I think this isn't accurate, would be gaming the repeat buyer score and may confuse the buyer which is why I don't. However it just doesn't seem right that I've had multiple repeat buyers and it just doesn't count towards my repeat buyer score.

Perhaps there could be 2 types of repeat buyer scores, one at the seller level and one at the gig level. This may be confusing and I think having it at the seller level is more telling/accurate.

The same goes for when I sell a business consultancy gig, then a business plan gig, the a LinkedIn optimization gig. Again, no repeat buyer score 😭

Having the trophy would be good for buyer confidence, but more importantly I assume fiver considers it when judging how a seller is performing and how it positions sellers on the platform, that's why I really care!

Just my two cents 😀 🙏

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