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Successfully completed 173 order's.

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2 hours ago, sibberahmed said:

my next target will be 300+ orders.
By the grace of Allah, I hope I will achieve that as soon as possible.Screenshot_4.thumb.jpg.6527097476e1602ee63af207be247e0d.jpg

Congratulation ..!!!!

keep going, I wish you will be more successful 💚

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13 minutes ago, visualstudios said:

Why are you posting about completing 173 orders? Why not 172? 169? 153? What's the special significance of 173 orders? Other than spamming the forum, that is.

Thanks for asking such a great question sir. I actually thought I would post it after completing 150 reviews. Unfortunately, I did not have time. But I got a chance to post today. That's it

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