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Seller keeps postponing the due date, because of influx 1-day rush add-ons from other purchases after my own.



Running into this problem for the second time on this platform. I place order ahead of time with the seller, than when due date occurs, the seller tells me they need to extend the time because they recently got orders with other buyers who purchased with a 1-day delivery due date 'add-on' option. (But they made purchases way after my own).

Now here's my problem, I placed my order nearly 2-3 weeks ago in these cases, so this whole time I have no idea what they are doing. I'm guessing my projects haven't even been started yet... This is frustrating, because even though I did not purchase an extra rush 1-day delivery add-on, I still placed the order a long time ago. It's been more than enough time for seller to complete, and I feel like if the seller is overwhelmed then they should have paused their gig temporarily, versus taking on more work to do, and putting it ahead of my stuff, and then asking me to extended the time because they were working on other stuff.

It seems slightly unfair to me, as I am expecting it to be done by the original agreed upon due date. Plus, now I worry about the quality/effort that would be put into my order, considering they've been overwhelmed. I too placed a big order, but just not with an add-on. So, I feel like mine should get treated fairly because it was not a small order either. Am I right for being slightly frustrated by this? I was even planning to give seller tip, but now I'm not so sure. All of this has been rubbing me the wrong way. It's been almost a month.  Can I please get feedback from anyone experiencing this...😔

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I've had that happened to me. The seller extended a 30 day project to over 3 months. The final product was below par and I was quite disappointed. I went with this seller because he had produced excellent work for me before.

When I ordered, he had zero orders in his queue. He received and delivered several in that period, with great reviews. I was getting frustrated.

I plan way ahead so the time line wasn't an issue. I don't like to rush sellers because I feel like they do their best work when not pressured.  Well, needless to say, I won't tolerate this sort of behavior anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I am good with extending once for a few days, but several times, NOPE!

Time is money. As much as the sellers want the buyers to promptly fill in rrequirements and answer questions, they need to deliver what was promised on time.

Living in the USA, I tip for everything and everyone. We go a little crazy with the tipping thing. I have learned to curve my habit. Gratuity is for exceptional work and utter satisfaction. If you don't get tthat then don't tip. You will just be perpetuating that his/her behavior is acceptable.

Do not accept any more extensions. Tell them cancel.


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I haven't bought much on Fiverr so I couldn't tell you my own experience howeverrrrrrrrr

8 minutes ago, pinksamuraiii said:

I place order ahead of time with the seller, than when due date occurs, the seller tells me they need to extend the time because they recently got orders with other buyers who purchased with a 1-day delivery due date 'add-on' option.

When I read this (before even having read it all) the immediate thought that popped in my head was 'well that is their problem and not yours now is it??' because it really isn't 😅

I can give my own thoughts about this all as a seller though. You basically have three options. First is you can deny their request, since you've been waiting for your order a long time they should figure out a way to uphold their end of the bargain. They should know that when you provide 24 hour delivery service, it can clash with active orders. That's the reason why I don't provide it in my Gig Extra's and only provide it if people contact me first so I can be sure I'm able to deliver it. But with this option you'd give them the benefit of the doubt and see if they'll still deliver the quality you're expecting. If they didn't, you can simply deny their delivery.

Second option is accept the extension request but personally I don't thank that's fair to you. Maybe if they're asking for a day extra you can consider, anything longer than 2 days I'd definitely decline.

Third option is cancel the order. Since you mentioned all of it is rubbing you the wrong way then perhaps this is the best option and just go with your gut feeling. 


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2 hours ago, cs_evans said:

I thought the buyer had the option to accept or deny the extension.  

Exactly. A "resolution center extension" has to be mutually agreed upon. While your Seller certainly isn't obligated to deliver your order early, I don't think its acceptable for them to extend yours past the due date and deliver late just because their schedule has filled up. I think you would be well within your right to cancel and find a new Seller.

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Requesting a time extension should be done in response to unforeseen circumstances only, like personal issues, or problems with the order (missing materials, etc.). Requesting a time extension for reasons related to work with other clients is highly unprofessional. Sure, it can happen now and again, even though it's not a good look -  I'm not gonna fault someone that is working on a $10 order for prioritizing a $1000 order that needs to be done in a day by pushing the original order back a bit, but if happens more than once in the same order, that's just being a terrible seller. 

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