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Help! Video denied, no reason given

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Hi All!

I’ve finally found a successful gig that has been selling regularly and boosted me to a Level 1 seller. Then I log into my Fiverr account this morning to find the video has been denied - and the entire gig has been suspended. No reason was given for the video being denied. If I knew the reason, I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

The good news is I already have a different video I can use. How do I re-activate the gig again using the new video? I REALLY don’t want to have to create a new gig, as I have a lot of positive reviews that I worked hard for. I also had the wording of the gig description just right, but it won’t even let me see the gig so I can use the same wording (note: it was the video that was denied - not the gig description).

Any help is greatly appreciated. Just when I finally feel like I was starting to be successful on Fiverr, this happens.

Sorry for the long post. I already submitted a help ticket so I’m waiting to hear back. I’m still optimistic I can work past this, it’d just be a shame to lose what I’ve worked for.

Thanks all! Hope you’re having a great day!

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

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Click on “Sales” at top link

Click on “My Gigs” in upper right

Notice boxes that say Active-Suspended-Requires Modification- Pending Approval-Denied

Click on “Suspended” box to see gigs that are suspended. If it’s only in “Suspended” -

to the right of each title you’ll see a scroll down arrow. You can use that to “Edit” or "Activate"

If it’s actually in the Denied, you’ll just need to speak with customer service to see if it can be resolved. I would keep delivering your gigs if the system will allow. You should be paid.

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