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How to get order from fiverr as a newbie?


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Hello! I’m new here, just joined few days ago! My name is Shazib Ahmed. I am a full stack web developer, i created some gigs but there no impression, no click, no order and no job. I am here to asking get help from the professionals, how could i rank my gig and get my first job?

Here is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/xARVlZ

NB : I want to take freelancing as my profession. 

I hope to be successful here!
Tips and tricks appreciated!

Thanks in advance....  🙂

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As you are new: impressions is the amount of time that fiverr showed you in searches. It all depends on fiverr algorithm and fiverr hidden metrics. One and ONLY metric that fiverr disclose is your performance, which can be many things starting from your statistics on the dashboard to how people react to your gig in searches. The better the performance the better impressions. 

And please ignore all this “stay active, share social media, keywords” etc. those people who are parroting this advice most likely has zero sales themselves and are in no position to advice on how to succeed. 

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Here's some suggestions:

Gig: I will develop modern and custom website in PHP laravel with responsive design
In the gig video it says "Sites lodes Extremely Fast" - should that be "Sites load extremely fast"?
The video also says "COUNTLESS CATAGORIES" when it could say "COUNTLESS CATEGORIES".

In the FAQ section:
"i can" could be "I can" in answer 5.
Maybe change "...and for of my work to see you can reach me.".

It might be better to limit the number of revisions in the gigs.

If you look on the profile some of the text gets cropped in the thumbnails, so maybe change the videos so they crop less.

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2 hours ago, shazib101 said:

So both are effective to make a professional profile

Yes- though the skill test does show evidence of your skills.  So if your portfolio doesn't showcase a specific skillset, taking a test to prove this skill would be a good idea.

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Optimize your gig title

Gig title is so much important for your Fiverr order.
If you choose the wrong title for your Fiverr You won’t receive too many orders 
But if you can choose the right title for your Fiverr gig you will get too many orders.
 So the Fiverr gig title is really so much important to get more order on Fiverr.

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