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People who resel my work on Fiverr!

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I’ve got many bad experiences with people who resell my work, and I hope Fiverr could do something to fix that! 


Well, I'm a video editor, I create video ads for my clients, and sometimes, for the clients of my clients! 


I’m totally against that, because: 


When a buyer purchases my gig for $50, then resell it for his client for $100, so here the 3rd party pays $100 and receives work that costs $50. 


Guess what? The 3rd party will be frustrated about my buyer, which will transmit the frustration to me and give me a bad review! 


It’s like if someone pays you a basic package, and wants you to create a premium video ad! 


Some of you may think that Fiverr watermarks the work! Well, yes, but the buyer can download the work before accepting the delivery, and once downloaded, there is no watermark on it! THE WATERMARK IS SHOWN ONLY ON THE WEBSITE! 


Plus, the gab of communication, working on this way is hard, because my video should please 2 different people, and I will let you guess how much work you need to do to please 2 different clients with the same work! 


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Hi there, I understand your frustration.

The problems you are describing are internal problems, that occur probably because of how you have set up your business.

I doubt that Fiverr will ever do anything about it.

The way I see it, the frustration lies with mostly how hard it is to deliver work for client A when they in turn deliver to client B.

In which case, the brief, requirements and objectives are most definitely lost in translation. 

This can be remedied by two moves:

a) raise your rates. 
b) re-work your process so that you can take control of how the projects are managed.

It all starts with you and what you are willing to do to improve your current situation.

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I am afraid you are describing being part of the supply chain.  Buying and selling goods and services is the backbone of economics.  Are you more angry there is an intermediary, or that you aren't getting the same price as if you had gone straight to the end-user?  For the latter point, you have no idea the effort that person went into creating that relationship, which ultimately did benefit you.  It is just like the Fiverr platform; you pay 20% commission to user the service and in turn they provide you with a great platform on which you can build a business.  The person reselling your work is essentially doing the same; they are creating a market for you which you would likely never had without them.  So what is the issue that they are making money by generating customers for you?

Regarding the end-user not being happy, then the middle-person taking it out on you, that is still yours to manage.  It is your responsibility to make sure the requirements are crystal clear and that the entire statement of work is unambiguously defined.  When that becomes true, you then deliver your best work and you will most likely get a review commensurate with that. 

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