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Kind of a Funny Observation I've Made Doing Fiverr For 2 Years


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My gigs are focused on teaching Facebook Advertising / Marketing to people and businesses who want to learn.

I've had numerous clients not really pay attention 90% of the call (you can just tell), kind of like when you were a kid in class zoning out. 

I'll ask repeatedly during the call if they have any questions or clarifications and 95% of the time it's met with, "no," "all good," etc.

THEN... when there is about 2 min left in the call (total 1 hour), I'll ask, "okay, looks like we are about out of time, are there any last minute questions?" And wouldn't you know, there's about 10 min of random questions, clarifications; it's like the light switch turns back on, pretty much a scramble like you're cramming the night before a test you didn't really study for the entire week. 

Any one else have this come up in their gigs? Not really a problem at all but just a kind of funny observation I've made over the past 2 years or so. 


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I have been a teacher for the past 4 years and I have taught children, teenagers and adults. Even though adults have a clear goal when they seek advice or they try to learn something, they are the ones who lose focus the easiest. Whether it is because of personal problems, work or anything else they tend to zone out if the topic seems too difficult or too technical. A nice way to gain control and make them focus is to grade your language and use clear words they can easily understand and relate the information you're presenting to something they find interesting. 
The core of the information remains the same but you can tailor it by applying it to specific examples. Maybe try applying what you're telling them to their own business? 

I encourage you to try to use different techniques. It is always fun to see the results when you use a different approach. Maybe even funnier things may come up! 

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Haven't experienced this in Fiverr due to my niche, but it is rampant in my corporate life, and 10x since people are working remotely and you can't always see them.  It drives me crazy, too. And it seems like the bigger the persons title, the more likely they are distracted trying to solve a world crisis. 

My strategy to manage it is 3-fold.  1) record the session and when they start asking those kind of questions I tell them to go back to the recording and listen.  2) I call them out "Joe, are you paying attention?  You seem distracted and there is a lot to cover without having to repeat."  3) Build into the presentation points where the other person takes over the screen sharing and actually performs the action so they have some muscle memory. 

With all that being said, again, this is for my corporate life and when I am dealing with peers I can be a lot more hard-nosed.  Dealing with a personal customer would require a softer customer service experience, but all 3 points above still could be utilized. 

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