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2 hours ago, designbosque said:

Hello!  Hope everybody is well!  I'm a new seller!  I need some keywords for my gig so I can rank!  My previous keywords were not good, and there was no order in them !!  On my gig, graphics design packaging & Label design!  Please help me!  Here is my gig link! https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b8dbd04a90

I'm really sorry to inform you that no one will help you for keywords. It is only you who can help yourself. 

Anyways best of luck. 

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On 1/27/2022 at 6:51 PM, hasanmahmud7676 said:

Hello brother,. 

I hope you are  well. Brother...

Don't afraid..  Try to your best...Allah with you and help him..

Dear brother.. As a new seller,.....

You will follow up these tricks:-


>> when, you will make any gig, please push up keyword on your gig tittle...

>>pushup (powerful keyword )

>> Write best and smart description...

>> Make Eye-catching gig image 

>> Active fiverr Forum 

>> Daily active in fiverr 18+ hours..

>> Try to send 10 buyer request.

>> Send effective buyer request 

>> Everyday, Share your gig in social media platfrom (like that- Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin etc..)

>> Fast message reply,  When buyer knock you..

>> Provide best Qualityfull service..

I hope you will follow up these tricks.. 

Go ahead... I will pray for you...

Thanks // Mahmud


Thank you so much brother 

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